Summary of Services and Fees

Service Price Description of Service


(For Individual, Couple or Entire family of 4 or less members)
(Per Year)
This Annual Membership price entitles you and your family to our MEMBER rates below (If over 4 members in your family – there is an additional charge of £50/member per year)
(Healthy staff, Productive workforce)
£25 per member per year Priority access to a GP 7 Days per week. Staff discounts for many of our services (including 20% discount for seeing a GP, Comprehensive Annual Health Check & Chiropractor). If interested in this offer, Please contact:


(With a Doctor)
(Lasts 40 Minutes)
Comprehensive blood test (Full Blood Count + Kidney function + Thyroid + Diabetes check + Full Cholesterol profile + Vitamin D + Bone profile + Liver profile + Gout check + Iron/ Vitamin B12/ Folate check + CK + ESR).
Height, Weight and Body Mass Index.
Blood Pressure check & Urine dipstick test.
Lung Capacity Assessment with a Peak Flow.
Heart and Lung Assessment (by auscultation and pulse rhythm check) and Abdomen Assessment (by palpation).
Influenza Vaccination (October to February only).
Lifestyle Consultation.
Complimentary telephone review 1 week later with same doctor to discuss blood results with you.
(With a Doctor)
(Lasts 60 Minutes)
All Of Above ‘Plus’ an ECG.
Appointment Price MEMBER Price
[20% discount]
(Unless stated otherwise)
Duration of appointment / advice to patient
We may take a £25 – £50 deposit for some services.
(Refundable if appointment is cancelled more than 2 days before your appointment)
Prices are subject to change without prior notice.


Quick GP Consultation £50.00
(£55.00 on Weekend)
(£44.00 on Weekend)
Up to 10 minutes
Standard GP Consultation £70.00
(£75.00 on Weekend)
(£60.00 on Weekend)
Up to 20 minutes
Extended GP Consultation £90.00
(£95.00 on Weekend)
(£76.00 on Weekend)
Up to 30 minutes
Blood test by a GP £35.00 phlebotomy fee
(£40.00 on Weekend) +
see Blood & Lab price list
(£32.00 on Weekend)
10 minutes
HARMONY (NIPT) test by a GP £360.00
(£370.00 on Weekend)
Please see
Harmony Test for details
No Discount 30 minutes
Results interpreting service (telephone) £25.00 £12.50 [50% Discount] 8 minutes
Telephone advice service (telephone) £25.00 £12.50 [50% Discount] 8 minutes
Home Visit
(+ £20 for each additional person seen)
(+ FREE for each additional person seen)
9am to 8pm; 6 Days per week
(NOT Sunday)
Home Visit
(Nightime, Sundays &
Bank Holidays)
(+ £20 for each additional person seen)
(+ FREE for each additional person seen)
8pm to 9am; 7 Days per week
(Sundays & Bank Holidays- All Day & night)
Please Call07956 851543
Home visiting Blood test £35.00 admin fee +
see Blood & Lab price list
(On top of Home Visit Price above)
No Discount See Home Visiting Blood Testing section.
Dermatologist GP appointment £80.00 No Discount 30 minutes


Nurse appointment £25.00 £20.00 No procedure
Travel vaccinations/ other injections £15.00 admin Fee +
See Vaccinations price list
No Discount 20 minutes/
Only 1 person per appointment
Ear syringing
(Ear wax removal)
(one or both ears)
No Discount 20 minutes/
See Ear Syringing section.
Microsuction of Ears
(Ear Wax removal)
(one or both ears)
No Discount 30 minutes/
See Ear Wax Microsuction section.
Cervical smear (Screening) +/- HPV £85.00
(HPV additional)
No Discount 20 minutes/ Takes 5-7 Days for result to come back
Vaginal swab See Vaginal Swabs price list No Discount 20 minutes
Spirometry £70.00 No Discount 45 minutes/ no inhalers for 2 days beforehand/ use telephone interpreting service for result interpretation. See Spirometry section.
Telephone advice service £12.00 £6.00 [50% discount] 8 minutes
Other samples-urine /stool/semen/etc See Blood & Lab price list No Discount Drop off at reception
Urine dipstick test  (for infection/diabetes) £20.00 No Discount Straight away
See Urine Dipstick check section
Blood pressure check £10.00 No Discount 10 minutes
ECG £70.00 No Discount 20 minutes/use telephone interpreting service for result interpretation.
See ECG section.

Other Practitioners

Allergy Skin Prick Testing by Specialist Nurse £90.00 ( <10 allergens)
£105.00 ( <15 allergens)
£120.00 ( <20 allergens)
No Discount 45 minutes/
See Allergy Skin Prick Testing section.
Chiropractor Clinic
(Provided by ‘Warm Hands Spinal Care Chiropractic’)
£65.00 (Initial Consultation)
£40.00 – £50.00 (Follow Up Consultation)
£52.00 (Initial Consultation)
£32.00 – £40.00 (Follow Up Consultation)
45 – 60 minutes (initial) & 15 – 30 minutes (follow up)/
See Chiropractor Back Specialist & Acupuncture section.
Nutritional Therapist
(Provided by ‘Stella Nutrition’)
£90 (Initial Consultation)
£60 (Follow Up)
No Discount 75 minutes (initial) & 45 minutes (follow up)/
See Nutritional Therapist section.

Additional Services

Referral to specialist consultant £15.00 Free Need to see a GP first
Repeat private prescription £20.00 Free See Private Prescription Service service
Private sickness certificate £5.00 (When part of your GP Consultation) No Discount Need to see a GP first
Steroid injection into a joint See Joint Injections No Discount Your GP will offer this to you if it will help
Minor surgery (Surgeon specialising in Plastic Surgery) See Minor Surgery price list No Discount Your specialist will decide if it can be done at the surgery
Letter to your NHS GP/
To Whom It May Concern Letter
£15.00 No Discount We cannot tell your NHS GP what to do