Join Us

We are always looking for talented Staff to join us. Be it clinically excellent General Practitioners or motivated Nurses. We also need hard working and engaging receptionists.

The most important attribute we expect from anyone working in The GP Surgery is that you put your heart and soul into ensuring that you have the welfare of our patients as your primary goal.

General Practitioners

We are currently not recruiting General Practitioners –
Please keep an eye on this page for updates on when to apply if you would like to be part of what made you want to practice medicine in the first place – putting patients first and having time to listen to them!

‘BE the doctor YOU would want to see’ – The GP’s working here at The GP Surgery have built up thousands of loyal patients in their respective NHS Surgeries. This came about not only by ensuring that they are clinically excellent, but also because they ‘understand’ their patients needs and want to ensure that their patients attain the best medical care in a holistic manner.

We expect all GP’s working with us to be humble, enthusiastic and hard working, have the highest of clinical abilities and be fastidious in every detail of patient care. In return we will always have your best interest in mind and ensure you are well rewarded.

GP’s who are retiring/ recently retired

‘Experience supersedes everything’ – You have given everything you have to the NHS and now you are looking to reduce your sessions and have a better quality of life. We, at The GP Surgery, would love to have your experience in ensuring that our patients have the best care possible. From our end, we will ameliorate your stress and engender a more fulfilling work environment where you can go back to the basics of providing wholesome patient care.

Doctors with Special Interests

‘YOU are a special breed of doctor and we WANT you’ – Not only have you worked really hard at being the best General Practitioner you can be, but you have worked hard at improving your skills and have undertaken a supplementary interest for the benefit of patients. If you have experience in a ‘Hospital Speciality’ either in hospital or providing the service in the community, or you are experienced with any other ‘specialism’ that can help our patients (for example, minor surgery, circumcisions, laser therapy, hypnotherapy, occupational therapy, acupuncture, the list is endless), please Join us. We will try our best to assist you in providing your service for the benefit of our patients.

Practice Nurses

‘Step away from chronic disease management’– Avoid having to continuously fill out templates and enjoy making a real difference in your patients lives. You have a wealth of experience and we will support you in any changes you may want to make to maximise the lifestyle choices of our patients.


We are currently not recruiting receptionists
‘Be at the forefront of all our services’– We, at The GP Surgery, do not underestimate the power of the ‘front of house’. You will start our process of ‘unrivalled patient care’. Prerequisites include being computer literate, exceptionally articulate and possessing great compassion for people.

If you are interested in working with us, please email Ms Claudine Cash at