Why a Private GP Surgery?

Access & Personalised Healthcare

Stay With Your NHS GP – We are open to all. You can continue to be registered with your NHS GP. Just use us whenever you want on top of your normal NHS GP.

No Registration Fee – We have no registration fee and you are not ‘tied in’ to us. You can use us as you please.

You Are Our Priority – We don’t have any managers or NHS ‘money saving’ guidelines to follow.

Healthcare Your Way – We tailor the services available to your needs and not around ‘our’ needs.

Transparency – We Have No Hidden Charges. What you see is what you pay.

Open When You Need Us Most – We give the opportunity to hard working people like you to access medical care when you want it.

Easy Access – Don’t get upset when all your NHS GP appointments are booked by 9am, just give us a call or book directly on-line.

Your Choice of Scans – You will have access to investigations and treatments that are deemed ‘not essential’ under the NHS and hence refused. Many of these are offered within the Surgery itself.

Confidentiality Maintained – Your confidentiality is our priority and your information will not be uploaded onto any NHS ‘national database’ and will never be imparted to a third party without your explicit consent.

Your Body, Your Way – It is your own hard earned money, so ask for whatever you want. You may want 3 home visits in 1 day, an MRI scan of every part of your body, skin allergy tests for every conceivable antigen or blood testing for Diabetes every 3 months. Never again feel embarrassed that you may be wasting the NHS’s money.

Skin lesions removed whenever you choose – If the NHS says that it won’t remove your skin lesion as it is ‘cosmetic’, don’t worry. Let our Hospital Surgeon professionally remove it for you at a very reasonable price.

Time To Speak – We can offer you longer appointments than you get with your NHS GP. Just enough, so that you feel that you have been fully listened to, and not ignored.

Time To Be Heard – We have no NHS targets to meet, hence we will try our best to talk to you and not to our computers.

See A Consultant Whenever You Want – Allow us to refer you to appropriate Specialists to completely satisfy your concerns and never feel that we will stop you from alleviating your fears.

Access To A Doctor For Only £50 – We have a short, but very cost effective ‘Quick’ GP Service. This won’t break the bank, but will allow you to remedy any ‘minor ailment’.

Vaccinations For All – Allow us to provide you with Vaccinations often not permissible to all within the NHS, such as the Chicken Pox Vaccine, The Shingles Vaccine and the HPV (Cervical Cancer) Vaccine.

Safe Medicines – Allow us to provide you with easy access to Private Prescriptions, which are simply explained. But safety and ethics are our driving principal, so we will not prescribe you controlled drugs and Benzodiazepines will only be given in emergencies.

Family Here On Holiday, No Problem – Overseas visitors are more than welcome to use all our services.