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Blood tests
Children’s profile# Children £64.00 1 day
Comprehensive Profile Full general screen £105.00 2 days
Well Woman (Under 50) Profile Younger women £165.00 2 days
Well Woman (Over 50) Profile Older women £105.00 2 days
Well Man (Under 45) Profile Younger men £155.00 2 Days
Well Man (Over 45) Profile Older men £130.00 2 Days
Full Liver Profile Full liver screen £360.00 2 weeks
Cardiovascular Risk Profile Heart attack risk £130.00 3 Days
Blood Group Check your blood group and Rhesus status £40.00 2 Days
Multivitamin Profile Full vitamin screen £260.00 5 days
Urine tests
Urine Dipstick Urine infection, diabetes, renal stone £20.00* immediately
Urine for microscopy and culture Bacteria causing Urine infection £32.00* 1-2 days
# = not available in home visiting blood testing service. We will send you to central London for a specialist paediatric phlebotomist to do the blood test.
* = No Admin Fee
= Fasting blood test (nothing to eat or drink [except water] for 10 hours beforehand)
We cannot guarantee the above turnaround times during the Weekend & Bank holidays.