Virology & Immunity Check

Blood test for Immunity to Hepatitis, Measles Mumps & Rubella, Chicken Pox and Others!
Administration fee £35 (£40 on Weekend)

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When do I get my result?
We cannot guarantee the above turnaround times during the Weekend & Bank holidays.
Blood tests
Hepatitis A Immunity
Hepatitis A Immunity Status £27.00 1 day
Hepatitis B immunity
Hepatitis B Immunity Status £24.00 1 day
Measles, Mumps and Rubella immunity
MMR status £57.00 2 days
Measles antibody
Acute Measles Infection £27.00 2 days
Measles Immunity
Measles Immunity Status £27.00 2 days
Mumps antibody + immunity
(IgM & IgG)
Mumps infection or Immunity Status £27.00 2 days
Rubella antibody
Acute Rubella Infection £27.00 1 day
Rubella immunity
Rubella Immunity Status £27.00 1 day
Chicken Pox antibody
Acute Chicken Pox Infection £27.00 2 days
Chicken Pox immunity
Chicken Pox Immunity Status £27.00 1 day
Glandular fever antibody / immunity
(IgM & IgG)
Glandular Fever Infection or Immunity Status £37.00 2 days
Parvovirus B19 antibody / Immunity
(IgM & IgG)
Parvovirus Infection or Immunity Status £37.00 2 days
Toxoplasma antibody / immunity
(IgM & IgG)
Toxoplasma Infection or Immunity Status £37.00 1 day
CMV (Cytomegalovirus) antibody / immunity
(IgM & IgG)
CMV Infection or Immunity Status £37.00 2 days