Private Urine Infection [UTI] Dipstick (£20) London

Urine Infection or Blood in Urine?

Why not come in for a dipstick check of your urine. This is useful to do if you have symptoms of a Urinary tract infection or Cystitis and you wanted to quickly check as to whether you would need a course of antibiotics.

Appointment Price Duration of Appointment
Urine Dipstick Check ONLY £20 straight away

The above fee is purely for the Doctor or Nurse to dipstick your urine and say if there is an infection or not.

If there is any Doctor or Nurse contact for any type of discussion of the results or you need a prescription for antibiotics – you will need to pay a higher fee of £50 [£58 on Weekend] (Quick GP Consultation) or £25 (Nurse Consultation [Only discussion/ no prescription]).

There is also an option of sending your urine to the laboratory to check which bacteria caused your urine infection and what would be the most appropriate antibiotic to deal with it (this will incur an additional charge of £37).

A Urine dipstick may also be performed to check for the possibility of Diabetes, check for possible Kidney and urinary tract stones and check for possible Kidney or bladder damage.

This test can be performed very quickly and we should be able to analyse your urine while you wait.

To book this appointment, please Call us or email us so that we may make the booking for you.

Alternatively, why not just Walk In during our opening times and we will endeavour to perform the analysis whilst you wait.