Private Prescriptions

Below are a variety of medications that we can prescribe for you privately. The list is by no means exhaustive and you may want other medication, which, if able to, we will prescribe for you too.

You will need to see a doctor before any of the medication is prescribed to you. Your prescription will be part of your Consultation fee. However, once you have been seen by one of the GP’s, on-going repeat private prescriptions for the medications will only cost you £20 ( for any number of medications ) each time.

You will need to pay the Pharmacy for the actual medication itself (the price is often cheaper than a normal NHS prescription charge). You may wish to ask us to arrange for our On Site Pharmacy (Day Lewis Pharmacy) colleagues to deliver the drugs to your home address. Day Lewis Pharmacy is intent on providing the most cost effective service to all our patients. They will arrange for you to pay them for the medications directly.

Please be aware that some of these drugs are NOT routinely prescribable under the NHS and we DO NOT recommend that you ask your local GP to continue prescribing these drugs for you.

Please note that we WILL NOT prescribe any controlled drugs. We will also not prescribe Benzodiazepines unless it is an emergency.

You can book a GP appointment yourself via the On-Line booking system. This allows you to be in complete control of when you need to be seen. We would be very grateful if you could contact us to cancel your appointment if you are unable to make it.

Alternatively, you can Call us or email us to make a booking with a GP or to inform us of which on-going repeat prescription you require.

Womens Health-

  • Emergency contraception with Levonorgestrel (Levonelle one stop) – [within 72 hours]
  • Regular contraception with Yasmin, Femodene/ Femodette, Microgynon, Loestrin, Dianette, Cilest or Cerazette.
  • Control menstruation pain / heavy bleeding with Mefenamic acid (Ponstan) / Tranexamic acid.
  • Postpone menstruation whilst on holiday with Norethisterone.
  • Excessive hair on face improved with Eflornithine cream (Vaniqa), Co-cyprindiol (Dianette) or Metformin.
  • Treat Cystitis with Trimethoprim (Antibiotics).
  • Improve bladder control in women > 60 years with Oxybutinin (Lyrinel XL), Tolterodine (Detrusitol) or Solifenacin (Vesicare).

Mens Health –

  • Improve male pattern hair baldness with Finasteride (Propecia).
  • Improve erectile dysfunction with Sildenafil (Viagra), Tadalafil (Cialis) or Vardenafil (Levitra).
  • Improve premature ejaculation with Dapoxetine 30mg (Priligy) or Sertraline (Lustral).
  • Improve prostate symptoms in men > 60 years with Tamsulosin (Flomaxtra XL).

Children Health –

  • Stop recurrent nosebleeds with Neomycin cream (Naseptin) or Mupirocin ointment (Bactroban).
  • Treat Head lice with Permethrin cream (Lyclear) or Malathion liquid (Derbac-M).

Travel –

  • Prevent motion sickness during travel with Cinnarizine (Stugeron) or Cyclizine (Valoid).
  • Improve insomnia from Jet Lag with Melatonin 2mg (Circadin) at bedtime at your destination for a few days – [especially if travelling East and crossing at least 4 time zones].
  • Obtain immunisations early with our nurse, including Malaria tablets (such as Mefloquine or Malarone or Doxycycline).
  • Stop moderate/severe traveller’s diarrhoea with Ciprofloxacin (if not resolved within 3-5 days).

Weight management –

  • Reduce excessive weight with Orlistat (Xenical) – [in combination with a healthy diet and regular exercise].

Hayfever / allergies –

  • Control allergic conjunctivitis with Sodium Cromoglicate or Antazoline eye drops (Otrivine-Anistin).
  • Control nasal symptoms with Beclometasone nasal spray (Beconase) or Mometasone nasal spray (Nasonex).
  • Control hayfever / allergy symptoms with very effective non drowsy antihistamines Fexofenadine (Telfast) or Desloratadine (Neoclarityn).
  • Control Asthma / Hayfever wheezing with a Salbutamol (Ventolin) inhaler.

Scalp / Skin care –

  • Improve a thick scaly scalp with Ketoconazole shampoo (Nizoral), Coal tar shampoo (Capasal) or Dermovate scalp application (Etrivex shampoo).
  • Treat Acne with Benzoyl Peroxide and Clindamycin lotion (Duac), Isotretinoin gel (Isotrex), or oral antibiotics.
  • Treat Rosacea with Metronidazole 0.75% gel (Metrogel) or Doxycycline 40mg per day.

Eye care –

  • Improve dry eyes with Carmellose (Celluvisc) or Carbomers (Viscotears)

Ear Nose and throat care –

  • Improve recurrent mouth ulcers with Salicylates (Bonjela), Carmellose (Orabase) or Corticosteroids (Corlan pellets).
  • Stop a persistently running nose with Ipratropium Bromide nasal spray (Rinatec).

Gastrointestinal care –

  • Improve indigestion and acid reflux with stronger antacids such as Omeprazole (Losec), Lansoprazole (Zoton) or Esomeprazole (Nexium).
  • Improve irritable bowel syndrome symptoms with Hyoscine (Buscopan), Mebeverine (Colofac) or Peppermint oil (Colpermin).
  • Eradicate constipation with stronger laxatives such as Macrogols (Movicol) or Glycerol suppositories.
  • Obtain effective haemorrhoidal preparations of Cinchocaine suppositories (Proctosedyl) or Lidocaine ointment (Xyloproct).
  • Effective anal fissure treatment with Glyceryl trinitrate ointment (Rectogesic) or Diltiazem cream.

Bone / Joint Health –

  • Replenish low stores of Vitamin D with High strength Cholecalciferol 60,000 units per week (HuxD3).
  • Improve muscle/joint pain with stronger anti-inflammatories such as Naproxen (Naprosyn).
  • Improve Sciatica pain with Gabapentin (Neurontin) or Pregabalin (Lyrica).

Infectious Diseases –

  • Treat Influenza / Swine Flu with Oseltamivir (Tamiflu).
  • Obtain Cold sore or Genital herpes treatment or prophylaxis with Aciclovir (Zovirax) cream or tablets.
  • Eradicate genital warts with Podophyllotoxin (Warticon) or Imiquimod (Aldara) cream.

Sleep –

  • Aid insomnia with Promethazine hydrochloride 25mg (Phenergan).
  • Improve nocturnal leg cramps with Quinine sulphate.
  • Improve restless legs at night with Ropinorole (Requip).

Smoking Cessation –

  • In combination with advice / follow up by our pharmacy colleagues:  Bupropion (Zyban) and Varenicline (Champix) tablets.

General –

  • Improve excessive sweating in armpits/ palms with Aluminium application (Driclor).
  • Reduce anxiety before public speaking/ performances with Propranolol (Inderal).
  • Stop Migraines with Sumatriptan (Imigran) tablets or a rapid acting nasal spray.