Private GP Wimbledon

Private GP Wimbledon
Walk-In Clinic Doctor!

We are located

Opposite Wimbledon Station*

* = Tube (District Line); Train (From London Waterloo via Clapham Junction [15 minutes]); Tram (Croydon Tramlink).
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A Private GP Wimbledon service with the Same Experienced Doctors.
Call 0203 772 5440 for an URGENT Private GP London Service.

We understand that we have to work hard to engender your trust, especially if we want you to keep coming back to see us. We are all very experienced GP’s who continually strive to improve our skills so that we can always feel satisfied that we are giving you the best care possible.

Being a good doctor is not only about being ‘clinically’ excellent. It is also about being empathetic, being a good listener and most of all, caring for the welfare of your patient. We will try our best to be a good doctor to you.

Our aim is to provide you with the most affordable private GP service in London. However, we must ensure that you are seen by your own regular, experienced, locally qualified doctors. We do not want you to be sidelined to be seen by juniors or locum doctors.

We want to be open at times most convenient to you. Hence, you can book these appointments from 9am-1pm and 3.30pm-7.30pm weekdays and 9am–5pm on Saturday and 10am-3pm on Sunday.

Appointment Price Duration of Appointment
(pay medicine cost at the pharmacy)
ALL APPOINTMENTS INCLUDE A FREE telephone or GP Surgery review consultation if your problem does not resolve (valid for up to 1 week after your appointment)
PLEASE NOTE – We DO NOT prescribe any ‘controlled’ drugs or hypnotics or benzodiazepines
* = £8 Surcharge for Weekend appointment
Quick GP Consultation £50* Up to 10 minutes
Standard GP Consultation £70* Up to 20 minutes
Extended GP Consultation £90* Up to 30 minutes

Quick GP Consultation

This is your private GP Wimbledon short GP Consultation lasting 10 minutes. We can cover a lot in 10 minutes. If you (or your child) had a simple cough or cold and wanted a quick doctor review of your chest to exclude a chest infection or pneumonia, then this would be ideal for you. Likewise, if you had symptoms of a urine infection and wanted a doctor to check for this, again this would be ideal. There are many other minor ailments that are suitable for this ‘Quick’ GP Service.

If you have more than 1 problem or if your appointment lasts longer than 10 minutes, you will automatically go onto our ‘Standard’ 20 minute GP Consultation tariff.

Standard GP Consultation

This is your private GP Wimbledon Standard GP consultation. 20 minutes is twice as long as you would normally get with your NHS GP, and is more than adequate to discuss one or two problems and feel that you have had enough time to have a thorough examination and explanation.

We would recommend that all under 1’s and those with multiple pre-existing illnesses book this appointment and not the ‘Quick’ GP appointment.

Extended GP Consultation

This is your private GP Wimbledon Extended GP consultation lasting 30 minutes. This may be suitable for you if you felt you wanted or needed more time with a GP. This is especially useful to discuss pre-existing medical problems that might take longer.

You can also call us, email us or simply Walk In so that we may make a booking for you. Please be advised, that if you do walk in, we cannot guarantee an appointment straight away and you may have to wait for an allocated time.