Blood Tests London

Private Blood Tests London

Private Blood Tests London taken and interpreted by a Doctor.
Accurate Venous Blood Tests.

Please EMAIL US if there are blood tests that you need which are not listed in the below tables. We perform most blood tests but have only listed the most popular.

We are located

Opposite Wimbledon Station*

* = Tube (District Line); Train (From London Waterloo via Clapham Junction [15 minutes]); Tram (Croydon Tramlink).

All samples are analysed by a Central London Premier Laboratory.
Rapid turnaround of results.

Full GP review of your blood results with written comments on management included in your price.

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to obtain any blood test you want.

We provide a comprehensive list of private blood tests and other laboratory tests in London. There is no need to ask a doctor’s permission before doing any of these tests.

The NHS cannot allow you to perform the below tests unless you are ill. However, there are many tests that you may want to perform for your own peace of mind – for example, your Blood Group, your Cholesterol level, your Fertility hormone levels, your semen analysis or your child’s Iron and Vitamin D blood test (important for their growth).


** = We will beat (proof needed) any like-for-like (non-sale) private blood test price (excluding admin fee) run by a similar British run Private GP Service & Laboratory!
(Guarantee valid till blood test done)

What test should I do?

Please click on the tests below to decide upon which blood or laboratory tests you may want. In order for you to ascertain which tests you require, please click on the description under ‘TEST USE’ to aid your decision. Hovering with your mouse over the ‘TEST TITLE’ will summarise the tests included and inform you of the preparation needed before your blood test.

For Laboratory tests apart from blood tests, why not call us or email us to inform you of the procedure for testing.

Appointment Price Duration of Appointment
Pay the above one-off admin fee (per visit) + pay for each blood test you want (see price list below – this is the charge by the laboratory to analyse your blood).
* = £5 Surcharge for Weekend appointment
Private Blood Tests Service by Doctor One-off
£35* admin fee
[per visit]
10 minutes
bring your PHOTO ID with you
(passport/ drivers licence)
Please Call Us if you require blood tests for a child under 12 – We will organise for the blood to be taken by a specialist phlebotomist in central London.

Your administration charge includes us taking your blood and emailing you the report (unless otherwise stated) with comments from the Laboratory specifying if your test results are normal or abnormal. If your results are abnormal, we would recommend that you use our GP Telephone Results interpreting Service to fully discuss the implications of the results.

However, any significantly abnormal results will be flagged up and our Receptionists will be in contact to ask you to call the doctor. Furthermore, If one of our doctors had personally requested the blood tests, then a Doctor will contact you directly if any of the blood tests are abnormal (normal results will be posted out to you).

There are certain blood and laboratory tests that do not incur the above administration charge (these will be indicated in the Individual price lists below).

You can also call us or email us so that we may make a booking for you.

N.B. For the below tests, don’t forget to click on description under ‘test use’ to find out what each test is for.

Private Blood Tests (& other Lab Tests)

Tired all the time? Need a Thyroid blood test?
Want a Cholesterol test, Diabetes test or Cancer test?

A haematoma (bruising) is a common side effect to having a blood test and you must be prepared for this and the consequences of this after any blood test. Furthermore, if you have difficult veins, we may need to have more than one attempt at obtaining your blood sample.

Other potential side effects of a having a blood test include a superficial infection, but this is minimised by the ‘clean’ technique used.