Ear Wax Microsuction

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Private Microsuction
(Ear Wax Removal)
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Microsuction Ear Wax Removal Wimbledon for better hearing!
Ear Suction Clinic in London.

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If you have Wax in your ear and wanted it removed safely without instilling any fluid into your ear, you may want to choose to have your ears microsuctioned.

Our aim is to provide you with one of the most affordable ear wax microsuction services in London, provided by very experienced nurses.

We take a £25 deposit to secure the appointment for you
(we apologise for this but many patients have booked and not turned up to appointments which is both frustrating for your nurse and for other patients who cannot get an appointment)

A full Consultation with your Nurse is included in the below price.

Appointment Price Duration of Appointment
There is a £25 fee if your ears are examined and no wax is found to remove.
PLEASE prepare your ears with at least 4-5 days of sodium bicarbonate or olive oil ear drops. If the wax is too hard to remove on one sitting, you may be asked to come back the week after to finish the procedure.
This follow up appointment costs £25
(ONLY 1 follow up appointment permissible).
Ear Microsuction (children [over 12] and adults) £65 (one or both ears) 30 minutes

Our Nurse will inspect your ‘blocked ear’ using a microscope or otoscope and establish whether your ear canals are in fact full of wax and whether or not ear microsuctioning is necessary.

The benefit of ear microsuction is that it allows the clinician to use a binaural microscope to clearly visualize your ear canal and ear drum whilst using a low pressure suction device to accurately remove your wax and debris. This procedure can sometimes be rather noisy as the wax is removed from your ear.

You will need to prepare your ears with olive oil for a few days before you arrive for your appointment.

It is a very safe way of removing ear wax and can be used to remove wax even if you have a perforated ear drum, hearing loss, tinnitus or grommets in your ears.

Microsuction is only one of the ways your nurse may choose to remove your ear wax. Our priority is to remove your ear wax by the safest means possible. Other methods we may use include:

Jobson Horn Probe

This is a thin metal instrument with a small circular loop on the end. Following otoscopy, the looped end of the probe is carefully inserted into the ear to clear the ear canal of debris, discharge, or soft wax.

Propulse irrigation

This is a gentle ear irrigation system which uses water to dislodge and flush out any debris or ear wax. Water is directed towards the sides of the ear canal rather than the ear drum in order to make the procedure as safe and as comfortable as possible. A Jobson Horn wrapped in absorbent material may be used after this procedure to gently dry the ear canal.

Blocked ears? Remove Ear Wax Gently!