Microbiology & Infections

Blood test for Malaria and Tuberculosis & Stool test for Giardia and More!
Administration fee £35 (£40 on Weekend)

bring your PHOTO ID with you
(passport/ drivers licence)

Test title
Test use
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When do I get my result?
Blood tests
Malaria Parasites Malaria from abroad £37.00 As soon as possible
TB Quantiferon – TB Gold Accurate blood test for latent and active Tuberculosis £58.00 3 days
Sputum tests
Sputum for TB culture Phlegm for Tuberculosis £52.00* up to 8 weeks
Sputum for routine culture Phlegm for Bacteria £42.00* 2 days
Stool tests
Faecal Occult Blood Stool bowel cancer screen £35.00* 1 day
Stool for Ova/ Cysts/ Parasites by PCR Diarrhoea after travel £58.00* 2-3 days
Rotavirus and adenovirus in stool Children’s profuse diarrhoea £38.00* 1 day
Helicobacter Pylori stool Antigen Persistent Indigestion and Bloating £48.00* 3 days
Skin tests
Mycology / skin scrapings Skin and superficial scrapings for fungus/ yeasts £44.00* 3-4 weeks
Nail clippings Nail fungus/ yeasts £44.00* 3-4 weeks
Swab for culture (any site) Superficial Bacteria or Viral infection £42.00* 2 days
Joint fluid tests
Synovial fluid (for crystals) Gout or Pseudogout (Joint aspiration)# 1 day
* = No Admin Charge      # = see Skin Surgery London
We cannot guarantee the above turnaround times during the Weekend & Bank holidays.