Male Health

Blood test for Fertility, Low Libido, Erectile dysfunction and Prostate Cancer!
Administration fee £35 (£40 on Weekend)

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Test use
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When do I get my result?
Blood tests
Male infertility Profile Reduced fertility/ semen £100.00 1 day
Erectile Dysfunction / Impotence profile Low libido / erectile dysfunction £140.00 3 days
Prostate Profile Prostate tumour marker £37.00 1 day
Chromosome analysis (blood) Common chromosomal disorders £250.00 5-15 days
Semen tests
Semen analysis (Comprehensive)# (infertility testing + post vasectomy) Infertility and post vasectomy assessment of sperm £155.00* 3 days
*= No Admin Charge
#= Pick up form and sample pot from us and make payment – Sample has to be produced fresh at 76 Wimpole Street, London W1G 9RT (we will give you the telephone number to make the appointment yourself).
We cannot guarantee the above turnaround times during the Weekend & Bank holidays.