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The Harmony Blood test (Non Invasive Prenatal Testing) analyses cell free DNA circulating in a pregnant mother’s blood. From this, it will give one of the most accurate screening approaches to estimating the risk of a foetus having a common chromosomal abnormality, called a Trisomy. This occurs when there are 3 copies of a particular chromosome instead of the usual 2. As this is a blood test from the pregnant mother, there is no risk of harm to the foetus.

The test is also capable of testing for the gender of your child, if required.

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for the Harmony blood test, patients MUST BE at least 10 weeks’ gestational age. They can have a singleton or twin pregnancy resulting from natural conception or IVF using your own egg or a donor egg. Foetal sexing is also now available for twin pregnancies, but patients who are pregnant with more than one foetus are NOT eligible for the Harmony Prenatal Test with X and Y analysis.

Procedure Price Duration of Appointment
* = £15 Surcharge for Weekend appointment
Harmony Blood Test Only
(Includes discussion with your doctor and signing your consent forms)
[You have to be AT LEAST 10 weeks’ gestational age – we will need ultrasound scan proof to proceed with your blood test]
£360* 30 minutes
+ Optional Dating Ultrasound scan
[We can perform an obstetric ultrasound scan to confirm that you are over 10 weeks’ gestation BEFORE we do the blood test]
+ £85 20 minutes

In the very rare instance (less than 4% chance) that the laboratory cannot find enough foetal cell free DNA in your blood to perform an analysis, we will repeat your test free of charge. HOWEVER, if they cannot find enough cell free DNA the second time too (40% chance on a repeat sample), there will be no point in repeating the test a third time and you will be given a refund of £280 (that is, the GP Surgery will retain an administrative fee of £80)

For the above reason – Please make sure you have your Nuchal scan and NT blood tests with your NHS hospital and don’t rely on definitely getting a result from your Harmony test (just in case).

Conditions tested for:

Trisomy 21 (Down syndrome) – This may be associated with moderate to severe intellectual disabilities and may cause other organ defects.

Trisomy 18 (Edwards syndrome) and Trisomy 13 (Patau syndrome) – This is associated with a high rate of miscarriage. Babies that do survive are born with severe brain abnormalities as well as other birth defects.

Sex chromosome analysis – The sex chromosomes (X & Y) determine if we are male or female. The Harmony blood test evaluates X and Y chromosome sequences, providing information on foetal sex and sex chromosome aneuploidy.

The Harmony blood test is not intended nor validated for diagnosis or detection of mosaicism, partial trisomy, or translocations.

Accuracy of Results:

The Harmony Prenatal blood test has a very high accuracy rate of detection. A ‘high risk’ result, in singleton pregnancies, identifies more than 99% of foetuses with Trisomy 21, 97% of foetuses with Trisomy 18, 94% of foetuses with Trisomy 13 and 96% of foetuses with Turner syndrome (please be aware that some other X and Y chromosomal abnormalities may have a much lower accuracy rate of detection). X and Y analysis provides a greater than 99% accuracy for foetal sex.

It is important to be aware that if the test results show a high risk of having Trisomy 21, 18 or 13 or sex chromosome conditions, it does not automatically mean that the foetus definitely has one of these conditions, but it is highly likely. Hence, in the event of a ‘high risk’ (or positive) result, we would recommend follow up testing via an invasive method (such as amniocentesis) after discussion with your obstetrician.

Similarly, a low risk (or negative) result does not automatically mean that the foetus definitely does not have the above conditions, but it is unlikely to do so. However, there is still a very small risk that not all Trisomy foetuses will be detected.

Please continue to have all your normal scans as usual and interpret all readings in context of your risk factors and family risks.

Special Circumstances:

If you weigh more than 100kg – It is best for you to wait for at least 20 weeks pregnancy to do the harmony test.

Ineligibility criteria:

You will NOT be eligible for the harmony test if:

1> You have received an organ transplant.
2> You have received a Bone marrow transplant.
3> You have metastatic cancer.

How long before I get my results:

Approximately 1 week.

Repeat Blood testing:

Very rarely (in 3% of cases), there is not enough foetal DNA in the maternal blood sample taken and we may have to repeat the maternal blood test. There will be no extra charge for this.

Who analyses the blood test:

Ariosa Diagnostic Inc, USA – This is now analysed by their UK partner (The Doctors Laboratory, in Central London) – Hence the quicker turnaround time.

For more details – please visit the Ariosa Website for more useful information.

To book this appointment with a GP, please call us or email us so that we may make the booking for you.