Blood test for Full Blood Count, Anaemia profile and More!

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We cannot guarantee the above turnaround times during the Weekend & Bank holidays.
Blood tests
Haematology profile Haematology Screen £22.00 1 day
Full Blood Count (FBC) Haemoglobin, White Cells and Platelets £18.00 1 day
ESR Chronic inflammation or infection £16.00 1 day
Anaemia Profile Low Haemoglobin investigation £75.00 2 days
B12/Folate Macrocytic anaemia investigation £33.00 2 days
Blood Film Examination Immature/abnormal blood cell finder £23.00 1 day
Coagulation Profile Excessive bruising/ bleeding £33.00 1 day
INR Warfarin monitoring £18.00 1 day
D-Dimer Deep vein thrombosis or Pulmonary embolus £42.00 1 day
Thrombotic Risk Profile Thrombosis £310.00 3 days
Haemoglobin Electrophoresis Sickle Cell or Thalassaemia £38.00 4 days