ESR Blood Test (£20) London

ESR Blood Test
in Wimbledon, London

There is an Admin Fee added to the price above:

ESR Blood Test London by a GP who will also interpret your results.

Appointment Price Duration of Appointment
Pay the above one-off admin fee + pay for each blood test you want (this is the charge by the laboratory to analyse your bloods).
*= £5 Surcharge for Weekend appointment
Blood Testing Service by Doctor One-off
£35* admin fee
10 minutes
bring your PHOTO ID with you
(passport/ drivers licence)

To See Our Main Blood testing section for this, please visit Haematology Blood Testing page.

The Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate (ESR) assesses you for acute and chronic inflammation including infections, cancers and autoimmune diseases. The ESR is very non-specific as it cannot tell you where the inflammation is and is often used in conjunction with the CRP. In the presence of any acute inflammation, the CRP rises faster and decreases more rapidly than the ESR.