Blood Type (£47) Test London

Blood Type (Blood Group) Testing
in Wimbledon, London

There is an Admin Fee added to the price above:

Appointment Price Duration of Appointment
Pay the above one off admin fee + pay for each blood test you want (this is the charge by the laboratory to analyse your bloods).
*= £5 Surcharge for Weekend appointment
Blood Testing Service by Doctor One off
£35* admin fee
10 minutes
bring your PHOTO ID with you
(passport/ drivers licence)

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There are four basic groups of blood types – A, B, AB and O.

There are various reasons you may want to know your blood type. For example, you may want to know what type of blood you can receive if you ever needed a blood transfusion– If you had type A blood, you can receive types A and O blood; If you had type B blood, you can receive types B and O blood; If you had type AB blood, you can receive types A,B,AB and O blood; If you had type O blood, you can only receive type O blood. As you can see, whatever blood type you are, you can receive type O blood.

Blood typing is especially important during pregnancy (see Antenatal profile). If a mother is found to be Rhesus negative, the father should also be tested. If the father has Rhesus positive blood, the mother will need to receive treatment with anti–D gamma globulin at around 28 weeks of pregnancy (some also are given another at 34 weeks of pregnancy). This helps prevent the mother’s immune system from producing antibodies that can attack the baby. Parents to be may also want to check their Rhesus status before conceiving in order to ascertain their Rhesus status early.
If you are Rhesus positive, you can receive Rhesus positive or Rhesus negative blood. But if you are Rhesus negative, you can only receive Rhesus negative blood.