Blood test for Diabetes, Cholesterol, Liver, Kidneys, Iron, Vitamin D and others!
Administration fee £35 (£40 on Weekend)

bring your PHOTO ID with you
(passport/ drivers licence)

Test use
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(plus admin fee above)
When do I get my result? (Approximately)
* = No Admin Fee
= Fasting blood test (No eating or drinking [except water] for 10 hours beforehand)
We cannot guarantee the above turnaround times during the Weekend & Bank holidays.
Blood Tests
Full Biochemistry profile Full biochemistry screen £49.00 1 day
Amylase Pancreatitis £22.00 1 day
Lipase Pancreatitis £22.00 1 day
Bone screen Calcium and Vitamin D £49.00 1 day
Vitamin D Vitamin D £27.00 1 day
BNP (NT-pro BNP) Heart Failure £47.00 1 day
Chest pain profile Heart Attack £40.00 ASAP
Troponin T Heart Attack £27.00 1 day
CK Muscle damage £20.00 1 day
CRP (C Reactive Protein) Acute Inflammation or Infection 20.00 1 day
HbA1c Diagnose & Monitor Diabetes control £24.00 1 day
Diabetes Profile Diagnose Diabetes/ Hypoglycaemia £33.00 1 day
Iron Status profile Iron levels £37.00 1 day
Kidney Function test (U&E’s) Kidney Health £24.00 1 day
Liver Function tests (LFT) Liver Health £24.00 1 day
Liver Fibrosis Fibrotest Liver Cirrhosis risk £165.00 2 weeks
Lipid Profile (Cholesterol test) Cholesterol £25.00 1 day
Myeloma Screen Bone Marrow Cancer £85.00 3 days
Uric acid Gout £20.00 1 day
Urine tests
Protein/creatinine ratio Heart risk in Diabetic Kidney Disease £40.00* 1 day
24 hour calcium Investigating kidney stones £65.00* 1 day