Allergy Blood Testing

Comprehensive Blood Allergy testing!
Administration fee £35 (£40 on Weekend)

The allergen-specific IgE antibody test may be done to test for specific allergens (a type 1 immediate allergy) if you present with acute or chronic allergy like symptoms. Airborne allergy symptoms may be as benign as hay-fever like symptoms (itchy/runny nose and eyes and sneezing) to full blown asthmatic symptoms (shortness of breath and wheezing). Food allergens may cause you to have abdominal pain, bloating, vomiting, diarrhoea, itchy skin and formation of hives. If severe, allergies can cause anaphylaxis – tongue and face swelling, breathing difficulties and cardio-respiratory arrest.

These blood tests can be done as an alternative Skin Prick allergy tests, especially if you have significant dermatitis or eczema or you are taking antihistamines. You do not need to stop your antihistamines in order to perform this test. Blood testing cannot cause you to have an anaphylactic reaction (unlike Skin Prick testing), so it would be safer for you to do this test if you have had a previous anaphylactic reaction.

If you are worried that you may be allergic to something you have touched (that is a contact or irritant dermatitis- a type 4 allergic response), then you will need patch testing and you will need to see a dermatologist.

Normal negative results suggest that you don’t have a true allergy to that specific allergen. Elevated results often indicate an allergy, but does not necessarily mean that you will have an actual physical allergic reaction to that allergen. The level of IgE antibodies recorded does not indicate how serious your allergy is. It only informs you if you are allergic or not. Interpreting the results needs careful correlation with your clinical history and is best done by a trained clinician.

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Please Note – Individual allergens are charged at £33 per allergen tested. To see what is available, please click on: Individual Allergen tests.


Blood Tests
Test use
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When do I get my result? (Approximately)
We cannot guarantee the above turnaround times during the Weekend & Bank holidays.
UK Profile UK allergies £110.00 2 days
Mediterranean Profile Mediterranean allergies £100.00 2 days
Middle East Profile Middle East allergies £110.00 2 days
Immunocap ISAC Panel Comprehensive allergy testing £225.00 7 days
Eczema Provoking Profile Eczema precipitating allergies £110.00 2 days
Rhinitis Provoking Profile ‘Runny nose’ precipitating allergies £110.00 2 days
Food and Inhalants Profile Gastrointestinal and breathing precipitating allergies £300.00 2 days
Inhalants Profile Respiratory tract precipitating allergies £170.00 2 days
Food Profile Gastrointestinal tract precipitating allergies £155.00 2 days
Nuts and Seeds Profile Nut and seed allergies £230.00 2 days
Stone Fruit, Rosaceae Family Profile Stone fruit allergies £120.00 2 days
Children’s Profile Children’s allergies £155.00 2 days
Shellfish Profile Shellfish allergies £110.00 2 days
Finfish Profile Finfish allergies £110.00 2 days
Combined Shellfish/Finfish Profile Shellfish and finfish allergies £95.00 2 days
Cereal Profile Cereal allergies £85.00 2 days
Milk and Milk Proteins Profile Milk allergies £130.00 2 days
Antibiotics Profile Common antibiotic allergies £95.00 2 days
Insect Profile Insect allergies £95.00 2 days
Food Mix = Cod, Cows milk, Egg white, Soya Bean, Peanut, Wheat
Grass Mix = Cockfoot, Meadow, Meadow fescue, Rye, Timothy
Tree Mix= Box elder, Common Silverbirch, Hazel, Oak, London plane, Maple, Sycamore
Weed Mix= Common Ragweed, Giant Ragweed, Western Ragweed
Fish Mix= Fish, shrimp, blue mussel, Tuna, Salmon
Dust Mix= House Dust Mite, Dermatophagoides pteronyssinus, Dermatophagoides farinae, Blatella germanica
Mould Mix= Aspergillus fumigatus, Candida albicans, Cladosporum herbarum, Helminthosporum halodes