Frozen Shoulder Hydrodilatation Injection (£325) London

Provided by ‘FRZ Sono-Tech Ltd.’

Ultrasound Guided Cortisone and Saline Hydrodilatation
of your frozen shoulder

Personalised service by a
NHS Consultant Radiologist
Scanning & Injecting Privately on
alternate Thursday Evenings!

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for High Quality, cost effective, Ultrasound Guided Cortisone Injections.

A full Consultation with your Radiologist is included in the below price.

Diagnostic Test Price
Ultrasound Guided Hydrodilatation
of a Shoulder Joint

You will need to see a GP 10 minutes before your appointment to assess your symptoms and do a written referral to Dr Dhafer – this will be provided to you FREE of charge.

This is an ultrasound of your shoulder by a Consultant Radiologist, who will, if able and warranted, inject a local anaesthetic and Cortisone (Steroid) followed by normal saline into your shoulder glenohumeral joint (Hydrodilatation procedure). The injected fluid can be seen to expand the joint and sometimes flow out of the joint in a particular direction. The hydrodilatation procedure is thought to disrupt adhesions (scar tissue), thereby opening or freeing up the joint allowing for improved range of movement.

Please be aware that your Consultant will exercise your shoulder post procedure and this can be quite painful. We would encourage you to bring in a companion who will be able to take you home if you are in too much pain.

There may be instances that the procedure may be refused – such as if you have contraindications to having a Steroid injection or if there is clearly no inflammation seen and clinically an injection would not be warranted. In such circumstances, you will only be charged for the Ultrasound scan – which is £110.


Your Consultant Radiologist – Dr. Dhafer A. Deeab
(BUPA recognised Consultant)


Having graduated in 1999 from Babil University, Iraq, I earned my MBCHB degree. I was then awarded a fellowship to study radiology as part of the Iraqi Board training program. I performed my foundation training in Babylon University Teaching Hospital between 1999 and 2001. I subsequently started my radiology training in 2001.

In 2005, I left Iraq to come to the United Kingdom. I passed my language and medical exams in 2006 and received my GMC registration. I started my honorary registrar job in St Mary’s Hospital in London and joined the radiology training program in 2008. I was granted a fellowship in MRI in 2009.

I began my Locum Consultant position in the Royal Free Hospital in June 2010, which was followed by a permanent position as a Consultant Musculoskeletal Radiologist in Epsom and St. Helier University Hospitals.

I am a member of the British and European Societies of Skeletal Radiology.

I have over 5 years’ experience in both NHS and private hospitals. I have performed more than 10,000 image guided musculoskeletal injections in the NHS and private sectors.

Currently, I am leading the MRI unit in St Helier Hospital. I present the radiology aspect in the Rheumatology and Trauma and Orthopaedic meetings. I supervise and teach Junior Specialist Registrars and Radiographers during their reporting sessions.

I am involved in the teaching and research process. I have published a few papers and case reports. Currently I am a sub-investigator in 3 randomised clinical trials with the South West Elective Orthopaedic centre.


Thursday Evening

Specialist Area:

Musculoskeletal and Joint Injections and Abdominal

Qualifications and Current Employment:

Diploma of the European Society of Musculoskeletal Radiology (ESSR)

Consultant Radiologist
Epsom and St. Helier University Hospitals