Blood Pressure Check (£10)

Hypertension and Blood Pressure Monitoring!

Why not book an appointment with us to have your blood pressure checked. Try to be as relaxed as possible while your Blood pressure is being taken. We will take your reading three times and the lowest Blood pressure reading is usually indicative of your ‘true’ Blood pressure.

Appointment Price Duration of Appointment
Blood Pressure Check £10 10 minutes

However, there are some people who get very nervous when their Blood pressure is being taken. Hence, if we do find that your Blood pressure is elevated, we may suggest that you buy your own blood pressure machine and give you instructions as to how to do your readings at home. There are very good Blood pressure machines available for as little as £15 and we can suggest some brands to you. Our GP’s would be more than happy to interpret these Home Blood pressure readings for you, if you leave the readings at reception for them – please use the GP Telephone Results Interpreting Service for this.

To book this appointment, please Call us or email us so that we may make the booking for you.