AMH Blood Test (£50) London

AMH (Anti-Mullerian Hormone) Test London
(Wimbledon, SW19)

AMH Blood Test to establish your fertilizable Ovarian ‘Egg’ reserves.

There is an Admin Fee added to the price above:

Appointment Price Duration of Appointment
Pay the above one off admin fee + pay for each blood test you want (this is the charge by the laboratory to analyse your bloods).
*= £5 Surcharge for Weekend appointment
Blood Testing Service by Doctor One off
£35* admin fee
10 minutes

To See Our Main Blood testing section for this, please visit our Gynaecology Blood Testing page.

This may be requested to assess the capacity of your ovaries to provide eggs that are capable of fertilisation, resulting in a healthy and successful pregnancy. The higher your maternal age, the less the number of eggs available for fertilisation. This test is best done after seeing your infertility/ IVF specialist. A more comprehensive screen is done via the Ovarian Reserve profile.

Low levels of Antimullerian hormone suggest that you may respond less well to ovarian stimulation by your IVF specialist and an alternative protocol may be required. High levels suggest that you may have an excessive response to ovarian stimulation and again, an alternative protocol may be needed.