Dr Dutta Discussions

Dr Dutta Discussions

Confidentiality is key – Please don’t ask me personal questions about yourself as I cannot answer without everyone else knowing your illnesses.

Hi All! My name is Dr Dutta and I would be more than happy to answer any of your questions about our surgery and how we can help you to maximise your health and well being.

We pride ourselves on running a modern, easy to use private GP surgery, but with all the values of an ‘old fashioned’ GP surgery ethos. That is, we give you ‘personalised’ care.

All our practitioners are hand picked to provide only one thing – amazing high quality care which makes you feel ‘great’ after being seen by us.

Oh, by the way, I was not trying to be a poser in the photo above. They made me do it for a medical interview I was giving.

Let me know about any enquiry you may have about any of the services we offer. Please also let me know if there were any services you would like us to start and we will try our best to look into providing them for you.

Remember – this is Your Surgery, use it Your Way!

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